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March 10 | Tell God What You Want

March 10, 2021


Arise, Lord! Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless. Psalm 10:12

Read: Psalm 10:12–15
Psalm 10


The tone seems to shift in Psalm 10:12. The psalmist is explicit and frustrated up to this point, but now he gets direct with his language. He tells God exactly what he wants God to do about the injustice he sees around him. He doesn’t want the wicked to get away with their wickedness, and he wants to see God hold oppressors to account. He wants God to get up and break the power of the evildoers.

This is an uncomfortable idea for many of us. We might wonder, “Can we talk to God like that? Is that ok?” It is crucial to remember that God is worthy of our praise, adoration and respect. However, this passage shows us that we can be direct with God and share exactly what we want him to do.

Pastor Tim Keller talks about how the king of any nation is treated with due respect. However, his children can approach him differently. They can even wake him up in the middle of the night for something as simple as a glass of water. The king cares about what they are facing and how he can help. Similarly, we are the sons and daughters of God. So, we can approach God with the confidence that he cares about us and wants to hear from us. We are invited to tell him what we want and need because we are his children.


Take your requests to God. Yesterday you made a prayer of lament that included what grieves you. Today, tell God what you want. Ask him to move in the places of pain and hurt around you and the world. Consider what you would like to see him do in our culture, your life and the lives of the vulnerable.


Join us this year as we read through the New Testament.

Today’s reading is Luke 4.

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