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December 6 | God’s Furniture

December 6, 2021


I will put my dwelling place among you…. Leviticus 26:11a

Read: Leviticus 26:11-13
Leviticus 26


God brings the Israelites out of harsh slavery in Egypt after 400 years of bondage. He delivers them into freedom, and he’s taking them to land he promised their forefather Abraham generations ago. However, before they start for the Promised Land, God wants to make something clear. He is their God, they are his people and he will dwell in their midst. He gives detailed instructions for just how his dwelling place, called the tabernacle, is to be constructed

We saw last week how some elements of the tabernacle point people back to the Garden of Eden. God is on the move to restore and reclaim what has been lost. He is making a way to be with his people once again and recover what sin destroyed. We see this week how the furniture God designs for his dwelling place reveals more of his character. Each piece also foreshadows the coming of Jesus, who ultimately reclaims and restores our relationship with God.

God so desires to dwell with his people that he goes out of his way to make a dwelling in the center of their camp to remind them that he is with them each day. He loves them and desires to be present in their midst. The same is true for us today. God has gone out of his way to provide for our restored relationship with him through Jesus. Each day, the Holy Spirit dwells with believers reminding us that God is with us and desires to be known.


Reflect on the ways God has gone out of his way to make himself known to you. Maybe it was a friend or family member who first shared God’s love with you. Perhaps it was a sermon or Scripture that came alive. Spend time thanking God for the ways he makes himself known to his people.


Join us this year as we read through the New Testament.

Today’s reading is Revelation 3.

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