Beyond the Weekend

April 18 | Resurrection

April 18, 2022


He has risen! He is not here. Mark 16:6

Read: Mark 16:1-6
Mark 16


Over the past eight weeks, we’ve looked at Mark’s account of the last week of Jesus’s life. These events culminate with Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. Easter is a celebration of that resurrection and God’s solution to the world’s brokenness. God creates a beautiful world and gives it to people to care for and enjoy. But the people want more and rebel against God’s plan. This rebellion happens every time people do their own thing instead of following God. This rebellion fractures people’s relationship with God. That’s what makes Easter so wonderful. Jesus came to earth, died on the cross and rose again to offer a restored relationship with God. Easter is Jesus’s victory over sin and death. It’s a wonderful gift for people to accept.

That gift also includes God’s presence with us as the Holy Spirit. Jesus defeats death on the cross, and God now resides in those who believe. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence with us all the time—wherever we go and whatever we do. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live the way God created us to live. The Holy Spirit also gives us the strength to be present in the lives of others to show them God’s love. This week, we’ll look at the power of presence in the Easter story and how that impacts our life.


Celebrate the power of Easter. The lyrics of the song Glorious Day say, “I needed rescue. My sin was heavy…You were my healing. Now your love is the air that I’m breathing.” This is the wonder of Easter. Return to yesterday’s celebration worshiping God with the Ada Bible Worship team as they sing Glorious Day.


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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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