Beyond the Weekend

March 31 | Change

March 31, 2023


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Read: Romans 8:28-29
Romans 8


The gospel changes lives. It spreads around the Mediterranean world because people see it offers something better. Instead of pursuing security, satisfaction or meaning through wealth or status—the gospel offers something real. It offers an invitation into the very family of God. Though the early Jesus-communities are far from perfect, they are a place of change. As people understand they are deeply valued, loved and treasured by God, they treat their possessions and those around them differently. They don’t simply act differently. God’s love for them transforms their character. They change because of the gospel.

We started the week with the recognition that our world’s broken. One of the problems is that we try to solve the symptoms of our brokenness instead of the brokenness itself. Often this looks like trying to fill the void with more money or stuff. When more of one thing doesn’t work, we try something else. We swap one unreliable solution for another. The only solution that will ever satisfy is the very God who created us. The good news is that God came down to earth in the person of Jesus to rescue us. Following Jesus isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a lifetime of change. It’s a change from the inside out. It’s a rescue from the penalty of sin and the impact of sin in our life. As we continue to explore what the gospel means for our lives and internalize the truth about our new life in Jesus—it changes us. The power of God’s love transforms us into someone who has the very character of Jesus.


Return to the weekend service with the Ada Bible Worship team and the song “Blessed (Nothing More Than You).” Let the lyrics remind you that Jesus offers life, and he is the greatest reward.


Join us all of 2023 developing a different spiritual practice each month. SPIRITUAL PRACTICES are intentional regular activities to deepen our relationship with God and mold us to be more like Jesus.

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