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May 24 | Change is Disruptive

May 24, 2023


When they came to Jesus, they saw the man who had been possessed by the legion of demons, sitting there, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid. Mark 5:15

Read: Mark 5:14-17
Listen: Mark 5


Jesus steps onto shore in Gerasenes and within minutes a crowd buzzes over the disruption he’s caused. They see the man with the impure spirit sitting calm, clothed and clear-minded. They know the power that held him captive. Now they’re afraid of the power that set him free. Word spreads and tension mounts. They beg Jesus to leave immediately. So he does. He could have healed more people, but they want nothing to do with him.
Many of us see God’s power doing radical things in people’s lives. He brings healing from addiction. He gives freedom from bitterness and anger. He empowers people to move from greed and pride to generosity and humble service. He replaces fear with peace. Jesus’s work is disruptive. Yet we must respond to Jesus and allow him to work. Jesus will not go where he isn’t welcomed. Nothing stays the same when we invite Jesus into our lives. He brings order, peace and wholeness in ways that may be disruptive.


If you’ve never invited Jesus into your life, now is a great time. You can pray, acknowledging who he is and inviting him in. “Dear Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God who came to forgive my sin and restore me to God. I admit that I need you. Please forgive my sin and help me live for you. Amen.” If you’ve already invited Jesus into your life, thank him for the good disruptions in your life. If you have questions about following Jesus, please email us at


Join us all of 2023 developing a different spiritual practice each month. SPIRITUAL PRACTICES are intentional regular activities to deepen our relationship with God and mold us to be more like Jesus.

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