Beyond the Weekend

June 12 | The Inheritance

June 12, 2023


Someone in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.” Luke 12:13

Read: Luke 12: 13-21
Listen: John 13


Jesus is teaching and surprisingly interrupted by a demand. A man in the crowd wants Jesus to tell his brother to divide their inheritance. The man doesn’t want Jesus to arbitrate the problem but side with him against his brother. He wants what he thinks is his, and his brother is in the way. The inheritance is likely property, perhaps even income property like a vineyard or olive orchard. It could be the brother is too slow or reluctant to resolve the problem. Jesus responds. After a pointed question to the man, Jesus addresses the crowd and uses this quick interaction to teach about the dangers of wealth.

Inheritance distribution is familiar to people with siblings who have lost a parent. The topic of money and who gets what can strain even the best relationships. Jesus’s teaching here is about who gets what. Not so much about the money but about the heart. When God has our hearts, our attitudes and actions about money and things follow. This helps us respond in a God-honoring way to a culture constantly telling us to get more, own more and spend more.


Think about all you own or someday hope to own. Start the week with a prayer of openness to what God wants to show you about your money and things. Consider this model prayer: “God, I know how easy it can be for me to focus on my money and my stuff. I confess that my stuff can take first place in my heart. I need you to work in my heart this week. Help me to be open to the work of your Holy Spirit. Amen.”


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