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June 29 | Jesus’s Identity

June 29, 2023


Elisha summoned Gehazi and said, “Call the Shunammite.” And he did. When she came, he said, “Take your son.” She came in, fell at his feet and bowed to the ground. Then she took her son and went out. 2 Kings 4:36-37

Read: 2 Kings 4:8-37
Listen: 2 Kings 4


The people of Nain knew the story of Elisha the prophet and how he raised the son of a Shunammite woman from the dead. Eight hundred years earlier, the town of Shunem existed near Nain. So imagine where their minds went when Jesus raised the woman of Nain’s son. They believe Jesus is a second Elisha. “They were all filled with awe and praised God. ‘A great prophet has appeared among us,’ they said. ‘God has come to help his people’” (Luke 7:16).

A little while later, Jesus asks his disciples who the people say he is. They mention a prophet, John the Baptist and Elijah. Then he asks, “’But what about you? Who do you say I am?’ Peter answered, “God’s Messiah,” or the Anointed One who will save the world (Luke 9:20). Earlier Jesus had identified himself by saying, “Before Abraham was born, I am!” (John 8:58). “I AM” is the name of himself God gives to Moses (Exodus 3:14). Peter believes Jesus is Messiah and God.

“Who do you say I am?” is an important question. Is Jesus just a good teacher or prophet? Jesus claimed to be God. Based on the evidence of his life, ministry and death—we need to decide if we believe this. Peter did, and his life was radically changed forever.


We can’t ignore Jesus’s claim to be God. So, who do you say Jesus is? Are you wrestling with this and trying to figure out where you stand? If you have decided Jesus is God, do you know what to do next? We would love to talk with you about any of your questions. Emails us at


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