Beyond the Weekend

July 10 | Fears, Fevers and Friends

July 10, 2023


The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law. Mark 1:22

Read: Mark 1:21-34
Listen: Mark 1


Jesus begins his ministry surrounded by new friends in Capernaum. Capernaum is a crossroads where word travels fast in and out of town. What Jesus does and says here will spread across Israel and beyond. He enters the synagogue and begins to teach. His teaching amazes people. What he says and how he says it is unlike anything they’ve ever heard. He speaks with authority and power beyond any other teacher of the law. Before he heals any illnesses or casts out any demons, people are in awe of Jesus for his powerful teaching.

What we believe about Jesus and his teaching shapes our faith in him. We may have varying understandings of Jesus’s teachings. We may think his words are wise, clever or just good tips to live by. We may approach Jesus’s teachings like a buffet, choosing what we like and leaving what doesn’t suit our tastes. Yet the Gospel of Mark shows us Jesus’s words have the authority and power of God because he is God’s Son.

Our lives change when we trust Jesus’s authority and power. This week we will see how Jesus has the authority and power to cast out darkness, heal diseases and forgive sin. His teachings aren’t just good; they’re from God. Jesus is wise, intelligent and powerful. He can handle all of our needs. When we sit under Jesus’s teachings, we find the power of God helping us navigate our fears, regrets, worries, frustrations and problems.


Recommit to learning from Jesus’s teaching this week. Ask God to help you understand Jesus’s authority and power in a new way. “Father, I commit to learning from Jesus and his teaching this week. Help me to be awed again by his authority and power this week. I desire to sit under your words and allow them to shape my life. Amen.”


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