Beyond the Weekend

August 16 | FOR / WITH

August 16, 2023


“Watch the field where the men are harvesting, and follow along after the girls.” Ruth 2:9a

Read: Ruth 2:6-8
Listen: Ruth 2


It almost can’t get much worse for Ruth and Naomi. Each has lost their husband (their wage earners and protectors), and a famine is sweeping the region. They leave their country of Moab and head to Israel in a desperate attempt to survive. Needing to eat, Ruth goes out to see what she can gather from what is left in the harvested fields. Boaz sees her and meets her needs more than giving her bread. He gives her a safe place to work with his people. But Ruth must still work; she must still pick up the sheaves. Even though it’s hot and demanding work, she does it. Boaz’s response provides a model for us today. He involves Ruth at every step of the process. As he does, he allows her to do what she can do for herself. He eliminates the inferiority and superiority paradigm.

This is important for us too. It is often much easier to do something FOR someone rather than start a relationship WITH them and help them do something or allow them to do it themselves. Doing something for someone often doesn’t require much sacrifice. Inviting someone into your life is often more complicated but also more effective.


Journal about how you can grow in this area. Reflect on recent situations where you’ve helped and see if these (as good and necessary as they are) are more FOR someone rather than WITH someone.


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