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September 8 | Remember

September 8, 2023


But Moses said to the Lord, “If the Israelites will not listen to me, why would Pharaoh listen to me, since I speak with faltering lips?” Exodus 6:12

Read: Exodus 6:1-27
Listen: Exodus 6


Moses is deeply discouraged. The story feels hopeless. Then, the Bible shifts to listing a line of genealogy. It’s as though God, through the author, wants to remind people of his faithfulness and that their story sits inside a bigger story. Their lineage provides reassurance that God has been at work for generations, and they are part of the bigger story he is writing.

We too need to remember God is still at work, especially when we hit our breaking points. We are part of God’s larger story, working worldwide and across generations. We may not be able to see or understand his work at the moment. Being in God’s Word consistently develops our resilience for breaking points over time. God reminds us throughout the Bible of the eternal story he is working through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We have a hope that doesn’t rest on what we see right now. As we engage in God’s Word through weekend services, our daily Chair Time, and with a circle of people doing this too—we are likely to remember God’s faithful work, even when we can’t see it.


Commit to God’s Word daily. As you read Beyond the Weekend, also read the daily Scripture. Consider following a Bible reading plan or picking a book of the Bible to read one chapter per day. Join the Ada Bible Worship Team as they sing “Way Maker.” Thank God that through his Word, we can remember he is a “Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness.”


Join us all of 2023 developing a different spiritual practice each month. SPIRITUAL PRACTICES are intentional regular activities to deepen our relationship with God and mold us to be more like Jesus.

September is COMMUNITY. Keep track of our spiritual practices at

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