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November 8 | One Thing after Another

November 8, 2023


Then the Jews who lived near them came and told us ten times over, “Wherever you turn, they will attack us.” Nehemiah 4:12

Read: Nehemiah 4:10-12
Listen: Nehemiah 4


Nehemiah records three words that show how the assault on the Jews just keeps coming and the tension builds. “Meanwhile…Also…Then.” It’s one thing after another stacking up. They are only halfway done with the wall and don’t have any energy left. Enemies surround them and plan to attack. The threat from the outside is fueled by the exhaustion from the inside. The people are paralyzed in fear and panic. This is a critical moment for the rebuild project.  It could all end right here.

The middle of any rebuild often feels like this. It isn’t just one big thing but all the small things that stack up, one after another. It could be our teenager is acting out, we can’t agree on how to discipline and the progress we’ve made in counseling seems to have stalled. Or it could be the dishwasher breaks just as we get an emergency fund started, then the car engine overheats, and then the dishwasher breaks again. We want to curb our drinking but first co-workers, then a friend, and then a neighbor invite us for a drink. It’s our own version of “Meanwhile, Also, Then.”  Like Nehemiah, it’s time to pray and ask God for his help to get through.


When one thing after another stacks up we can rely on God to bring us through. Listen to the Ada Bible Worship Team sing “This is Our God.” Focus on the truth of God’s help no matter what we face: “Remember that fear that took our breath away? Faith so weak that we could barely pray. But He heard every word, every whisper… Never once did He fail, and He never will.“


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