Beyond the Weekend

March 28 | God’s Presence

March 28, 2024


At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. Matthew 27:51a

Read: Matthew 27:46-54
Listen: Matthew 27


Sin is rebellion against God. The Bible makes it clear sin separates people from God. It isn’t how God wanted our relationship with him to be. God walks and talks with Adam and Eve in the garden. But when they sin, they are kicked out of the garden. In the Old Testament, God establishes a special relationship with the Israelites and chooses to be present with them. The tabernacle and, later, the temple symbolize God’s presence. But the layout of both the tabernacle and temple reflects sin’s separation. One thing is clear through the use of courtyards and separate rooms: sin has made God’s dwelling place apart from people.

The cross does something unimaginable. Matthew tells us that at the moment of Jesus’s death, the curtain separating the room representing God’s dwelling place in the temple tears from top to bottom. It’s a clear symbol that God’s presence is now available to people. How? Because of the double transfer—Jesus takes our sin and gives his righteousness to us. The sin that separates us from God is forgiven if we accept Jesus’s gift of life. The cross is marvelous. It radically redefines the relationship between God and people.

TODAY: The double transfer is available to you. Jesus wants to forgive your sins and give you his righteousness. He wants to restore your relationship with God. You simply need to turn to him. For more information about what it means to turn to Jesus, email us at We’d love to have a conversation with you. If you’ve accepted Jesus’s free gift of life, spend some time thanking God for the gift of his presence, which is available through the beautiful double transfer.


Hosea 11-12. Highlight anything that points to Jesus.

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