Beyond the Weekend

September 8 | Heavenly Wisdom

September 8, 2014

Text: James 3.13-18

As we look at Bob King’s message, “How to Stop a Fight,” we see two motives at the heart of almost every conflict: “envy and selfish ambition” (James 3.14). Someone is either engaged in self-promotion or is trying to get something someone else has. Conflict and tension stem from a heart out of alignment—a heart bent on getting more or getting even.

To help us grasp the bigger picture, James points out there are two different types of wisdom: heavenly and demonic. The term “demonic” sounds scary, but it’s James’ way of saying there’s wisdom, or a way of living, contrary to the way God thinks. Heavenly wisdom, on the other hand, has at its core selflessness and contentment.

Most conflicts would dissipate immediately if both parties were bent on serving the other and being truly satisfied with how God has already blessed them.

As you invite God into your day, take a few minutes to consider a relationship where tension regularly exists. Ask God to show you if your heart is out of alignment—characterized by selfishness and envy—which can easily convince us we’re not the source of the problem.

Because real peace and transformation come when we acknowledge our impure motives before God, ask him for forgiveness and to replace those traits with selflessness and contentment. By doing so we come to embrace and live by heavenly wisdom.

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