Beyond the Weekend

January 28 | Acceptance

January 28, 2015

Text: Romans 15.7

It’s okay if not everyone in your small group is alike. Jesus’ disciples certainly weren’t: they had different backgrounds, experiences, and personalities. The only thing they had in common was believing in Jesus and accepting his call. Jesus’ goal wasn’t to make them buddies, but to change and equip them to partner with him in his mission.

Maybe not everyone in your small group is like you. That’s okay: being different allows us to “sharpen” each other spiritually (Proverbs 27.17). This “sharpening” allows us to live in harmony and “accept one another” (Romans 15.7). It probably won’t come naturally, which is why we need to learn to be like Christ and love unconditionally. Jesus doesn’t say, “change and then I’ll love you.” He accepts us, loves us, and then changes us.

Smooth sailing doesn’t make a good sailor, but learning how to navigate the waves does. We can experience these “waves” when we have someone in our circle who’s different from us.

Today, as you open your hands to receive from God, pray about those “waves” you need help navigating and ask God to help you accept them as they are, and to be like Christ toward that person.


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