Beyond the Weekend

April 15 | Who Are You Looking Out For?

April 15, 2015

Text: Ruth 2

As Ruth leaves to look for work, Naomi is greatly concerned. She knows the danger her daughter-in-law could encounter. An unprotected widow in a male-dominated workplace was vulnerable to all kinds of abuse.

Providentially, Ruth finds work picking up leftover grain in a field owned by Boaz. He notices Ruth, whose reputation precedes her: a foreign woman who selflessly devoted herself to her widowed mother-in-law, even at great personal risk. Boaz extends her great kindness offering her water from his well, protection from other men, and permission to pick grain during the harvest, not after.

Boaz took it on himself to look out for Ruth, even though it was the peak of harvest season. If there was ever a time to “shoulder-down” and get the work done, it was now. But Boaz allowed himself to look beyond his important and pressing schedule to bear the burden of another.

It’s easy for us to run into our days with lots of important and pressing work to get done. But in the process, we can easily miss the needs of people right in front of us.

Consider today’s One Big Question . . . Who Are You Looking Out For? Don’t answer just yet. Take time to consider who God has given you to look out for. Like Boaz, may we look out for someone who needs our help.

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