Beyond the Weekend

September 25 | Don’t Blink

September 25, 2015

Text: John 16.24

God has surrounded us with incredible blessings to enjoy: a beautiful autumn afternoon, fresh produce from our gardens, children and grandchildren, a job that challenges and inspires, or a friend who sticks with you through the years. God wants us to enjoy these gifts and not take them for granted. Truthfully, God delights when we take great pleasure in these gifts—enjoying is actually a form of worship.

However, worry is the antithesis of this act of worship. Anxiety causes us to become so dangerously near-sighted in situations that could occur, to the point we miss the landscape of blessings God’s given us to enjoy. Worry robs us of the gifts that are intended to be enjoyed today. In other words, worry gives power to events that haven’t even happened yet.

Today, orient your heart toward God’s gifts by making a list of things you’re thankful for. Be specific and think small. Thank God for what you had for breakfast, even down to the tiniest detail. Thank God for your family, the way they laugh and the way they make you feel. Thank God for the green grass, the blue skies, and the colors in your flower garden. As you start this day, allow this list to be an act of grateful worship.

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