Beyond the Weekend

December 2 | Value

December 2, 2015

Psalm 19.10-11

As David meditated on God’s Word, he was struck by the value of it. Not only does Scripture encourage, give wisdom, and provide joy, David learned it also shows us who God is and what he wants. It tells us the will and the way of this creative God. Because it does, David writes that it has great value.

“They are more precious than gold…they are sweeter than honey…” (Psalm 19.10). As David considered the most valuable commodity in the ancient Near East—gold—and the sweetest substance known—honey—he valued God’s Word above them both. He also knew that living in obedience to God’s standards would pay off in the end, with “great reward” (Psalm 19.11).

Today, as you open your Bible to read, use these words of David as a prayer: “Dear God, please reveal something about your will and your way that’s ‘better than money, sweeter than honey.’” Spend the time necessary in the Chair to allow God to speak to you.

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