Beyond the Weekend

February 16 | Samson

February 16, 2016

Judges 16.17-22

Samson was supposed to be Israel’s hero. God equipped Samson with all the tools he needed to protect the fledgling state of Israel. However, Samson couldn’t control his pride, and it haunted him for his whole life. Samson refused to serve his parents, his wife, the people of Israel, or even God. Samson was only out for himself.

God blessed Samson with great strength. This strength was not merely to bless Samson, but was designed to be a blessing for his whole country. Regrettably, Samson seemed to believe he could use his God-given strength for his own purposes, distorting God’s gift into an area of pride.

We all have God-given blessings ripe for twisting into pride. We may place pride in our children, wealth, job, looks, or knowledge. As you spend time in the Chair, analyze which God-given blessings you’re most prone to elevate into pride: perhaps when you close a big deal, your child becomes first chair in the orchestra, you hit the winning shot, or your grandchild gets accepted into a prestigious college. These are just some of the many blessings we can turn into pride.

Today, write a prayer of confession, confessing your propensity to turn God’s blessings into areas of pride.

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