Beyond the Weekend

June 7 | Protection Through Prayer

June 7, 2016

Jude 1.20-21

Just like the spiritual culture Jude addresses, ours is also dangerous. Jesus followers are constantly at risk from people who change and pervert the truth, leading us to disobedience. To make sure we’re guarded by God, we need to intentionally put ourselves under his protection through practices foundational to our faith.

When material things you value are threatened, it’s logical and wise to put them in a safe. Likewise, when we value our spiritual growth there are practices that can protect and secure our faith.

In verse 20 Jude says praying in the Holy Spirit is a protective covering. Pastor Aaron Buer emphasizes repeating certain prayers daily for protection in areas you’re vulnerable. This isn’t meaningless, mindless, repetitive prayer. Rather it’s prayer asked daily in recognition of an area of needed strength.

Praying in the Holy Spirit means you recognize his power in you, to intercede for you (Romans 8.26), and teach you (John 14.26). If you’re plagued by comparison to others, pray daily for God’s contentment. If you’re continually tempted to choose what the world says is “best,” pray daily for God to teach you to love what he loves and hate what he hates. If you struggle with choosing wrong things, pray daily for God’s wisdom and strength to choose well.

While in the Chair today, consider areas you’re vulnerable to lies and disobedience. As stated above, you may need God’s contentment, desires, and wisdom, or something else. Then commit to praying specifically every day for the Holy Spirit to teach and protect you.

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