Beyond the Weekend

September 20 | He Made Me

September 20, 2016

Colossians 1.15-18
As the “good news” of Jesus swept through the Lycus River valley, it quickly became clear it was unlike anything they’d ever heard. The Apostle Paul was claiming this crucified and resurrected Jesus belonged at the center of their lives. Not just part of their lives and not just what they were willing to turn over—all of it. Their jobs, families, finances, sexuality, and speech.

Their reaction was probably the same as ours today, “What? Says who? Jesus is going to instruct me to forgive people who hurt me? He’s going to lay claims to my money? My sexuality?!? What gives him that right?” One of the reasons Jesus has that right is because he made you. In fact, he made everything.

As you slowly read through this passage again, notice the phrase “all things.” Paul uses it at least five times. Jesus, as God visible and equal with the Father, created it all. He has the right to be at the center of our lives because he designed it all, he made it all, he made us.

Today, slow down and marvel at this world Jesus designed for us. Find something from creation that shouts “Design!” and use it to serve as a visual reminder that there is a Designer who has a design for you.

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