Beyond the Weekend

February 1 | The Doctor Is In

February 1, 2017

2 Corinthians 11.23-27

In today’s passage, the Apostle Paul is recounting the severe trauma his body has received throughout his missionary service. But Paul was not alone. Throughout much of his travels he was accompanied by Luke, the doctor. It’s probable Luke lent his skills to Paul after his many beatings and punishments. Luke was able to take a skill he’d honed as a profession and lend it to Paul as an act of service. This is a powerful example for us today!

God has gifted us as a church family with an incredible and diverse set of skills, skills you’ve developed through your vocation or as a hobby. Regardless, your ability is a precious gift you can lend to serve the church family. Rich is a welder who crafts handrails for our auditoriums. Bob is a mechanic who works on cars for people in need. Derek is a chef who, with his wife, loves to prepare meals for people in need or after they’ve had a baby.

Whether you have skills in accounting, landscaping, legal work, or counseling, the Body of Christ can be blessed by your ability. Like Luke, we should be generous with the gifts God has given to us.

This week, discuss with your small group or a close friend what skill you think you could lend to bless your church family. Then reach out to a pastor or ministry leader and offer your skill to help. May God bless you as you give freely of the skills and abilities he’s entrusted to you.

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