Beyond the Weekend

February 2 | Researcher

February 2, 2017

Luke 1.1-4

Today’s passage highlights another role Luke played in the biblical narrative: researcher. Luke went on a mission to give an accurate and detailed account of the life and ministry of Jesus. He conducted interviews of first-hand witnesses, compiled their testimonies, and verified their claims. The point for us today is—this stuff really happened!

The Bible is not moralistic fiction, but a detailed record of real-life events. It’s reliable and can be trusted as accurate. It’s Luke’s ambition that someone growing in their faith might find a “toe-hold” in their ascent. We shouldn’t shy away from wrestling through our questions in the context of our faith community. Watch the clip below from the weekend’s service as Pastor Jeff Manion describes Luke’s mission of research and accuracy.

Faith is fluid—we can grow in faith but we can also recede in our faith. Wrestling with our doubts is a significant part of this journey. If you have questions, we’d like to point you to a resource called This website houses answers to many questions that arise about our faith, God, the Bible, and Christian culture. We’d love for you to utilize this tool, investigate the questions you have, and grow in faith as you learn.

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