Beyond the Weekend

May 1 | Skeptic to Follower

May 1, 2017

John 1.43-51
We’re all skeptics. There are areas within each of our lives we struggle to surrender to God. We doubt he can meet the desire we desperately long to fill. Often, we’re tempted to look for significance, fulfillment and recognition in places that lead away from Jesus, not toward him. Yet, God is anxious to meet us in our skepticism.

This week we look at the story of Nathanael, showing how he made the journey from skeptic to follower of Christ. Nathanael had two questions for Jesus: “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” and, “How do you know me?” Needing proof that Jesus was good and real, Jesus graciously provided both. This led to Nathanael’s powerful declaration, “You are the Son of God!” In one interaction with Jesus, Nathanael moved from skeptic to follower of Jesus.

Today, take a moment and write out Nathanael’s three statements: “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”, “How do you know me?”, and “You are the Son of God!” Which one resonates with you today? Are you wondering if Jesus is good? Do you find yourself skeptical that he knows you? On the other hand, are you assured that he is the Son of God? Write a prayer asking God to meet you, assuring you he is real and you are loved, and highlights he truly is the Son of God.

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