Beyond the Weekend

June 2 | Remember

June 2, 2017

Joshua 4.1-9

After walking through a raging river on dry ground, the people were probably excited to keep going and see what God would do next. Yet, right when the people exit the river, God has Joshua send twelve guys back into the river to pick up some stones. God slows them down because he wants the stones to remind the people of what he’d done. The stones are a conversation starter so the generations to come would know about his provision.

God didn’t want the people to forget. He knew their parents had forgotten about his power in rescuing them from Egypt. The fear of moving into the land paralyzed them. Just like their parents, we often lose sight of what God has done while in a move or transition. Sometimes the fear or pain overwhelms and eclipses the memory of God’s provision in our life.

Remembering is critical. We take pictures and collect souvenirs to help remember and share what we experience. God wants us to remember what he’s done for us and to share that with others. As Pastor Aaron Buer said this weekend, the Bible shows the following pattern: God moves, we tell and people are impacted. When we remember what God has done and tell others about it, God often uses our experiences to change lives.

 Today, consider how God has worked in your life. How has he provided in difficult seasons or times of change? Share one of those stories with others around you this weekend.

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