Beyond the Weekend

August 7 | A Real Mess

August 7, 2018


Then I called on the name of the Lord: “Lord, save me!” Psalm 116:4

Read: Psalm 116:1-11

Listen: Psalm 116


The author of this Psalm has just come through a mess. The mess was severe and appears to have involved a near-death experience. The author likens the situation to the “cords of death.” It was common to use a net to trap an animal in the ancient near east. As the creature struggled, it only became more entangled in the net. An animal caught in a net when the hunter approached faced certain death.

The situation in today’s passage was serious. To make matters worse, others turned against the author instead of helping him. He isn’t able to buy, schmooze or think his way out. He feels totally helpless. He cries out to God “Lord, save me!”

There are situations we find ourselves in that are messes, whether big or small. It might be the divorce of our parents, a season of depression, a marriage on life support or financial ruin. Like an animal trapped in a net, it can feel like the worse it becomes—the harder we struggle. Just as the psalmist, we should cry out “Lord, save me.”


If you are in the middle of a mess today, surrender the situation to God.  Instead of just trying to buy, schmooze or think your way out of it, cry out to God, “Lord, save me!” If you are not currently in the middle of a mess, remember these three words and use them to surrender situations to God when you find yourself in a mess.

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