Beyond the Weekend

June 12 | Destinctive

June 12, 2019


Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38

Read: Acts 13:36-39

Listen: Acts 13


Christianity has a distinctive that sets it apart from other world religions—the doctrine of grace. God’s grace can be defined as him giving us what we do not deserve and cannot earn. It’s his offer of salvation and eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. There is no other world religion that focuses on grace like Christianity.

One example is Islam. Islam believes that God’s favor cannot be found in the substitutionary payment by another. It can only be earned by performing the Five Pillars. Watch this video clip as John Dickson tells the powerful story of “Aiesha,” a convert to Jesus from Islam.

Many religions are about earning God’s favor. Christianity says God offers his favor through the work of his son on the cross. We can’t save ourselves, but God can save us freely by his grace. The focus shifts from what we try to do—to what God has done for us.


Who is in your sphere who needs to know Jesus? For this to happen, we need to have relationships with people who don’t claim the name of Christ. If there is no one, pray for God to open your eyes to someone who needs to hear about grace and hope of Jesus. If you know someone, meet them for lunch, hear their story and listen for their spiritual journey.

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