Beyond the Weekend

February 7 | Dead Faith

February 7, 2020


Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. James 2:17

Read: James 2:14-17

Listen: James 2


This week, we’ve looked at the revolutionary nature of God’s covenant with Abram. God takes full responsibility for fulfilling the covenant. The covenant foreshadows Jesus’ death on the cross and enables us to have a relationship with God. It isn’t based on anything we do to earn it but based on what Jesus has done. The only thing required of us is belief or faith in God. This concept has caused some to think it doesn’t really matter how we behave. This idea isn’t new. James addresses it in the 1st-century and writes how ridiculous that idea is. He goes so far as to say that faith without action is dead.

If we think about it, we know James is right. We can’t say we believe something but then act like it isn’t true. That’s not belief at all. If we say we believe Jesus was God, that he died on the cross for us and that his instructions on life are the real way to live, then our lives should follow his instructions.

One way to have a faith that is alive is by serving others. Once we begin to see ourselves in God’s bigger story, it frees us up to stop worrying about ourselves all the time. Serving others is one way we demonstrate our trust in God. It helps us move from a focus on ourselves and our needs to others and their needs.


Think about whether your faith is resulting in action. Consider where you can serve others. Take a step to begin serving. If you need ideas, visit

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