Beyond the Weekend

February 6 | Covenant Kept

February 6, 2020


They spit on him, and took the staff and struck him on the head again and again. Matthew 27:30

Read: Matthew 27:27-31

Listen: Matthew 27


God’s covenant with Abram involves God passing through the split animals (Genesis 15:17). God tells Abram if I don’t come through or you don’t come through, may I be torn apart. Well, people didn’t come through. That’s really the story of the Old Testament—God offers his love, and people reject it to do their own thing. As the pages of our Bible turn to the New Testament, we see God keeps his promise to bless all nations through the person of Jesus.

In the final days of Jesus’ life, God’s covenant with Abram vividly comes into view. God passing through the split animals transitions from ritual to reality as Jesus is brutally beaten and publicly executed. God held up his end of the contract. It wasn’t an empty promise.

Jesus’ death on the cross is God paying the price for our inability to do what he created us for. We were created for relationship with God, and yet we seem to blow it at every chance. Instead of God giving up on us, he comes down to die for us. God’s covenant with Abram is so rich because we see it fulfilled in the love Jesus lavishes upon us as he gives up his own life.


Respond to God’s love. If you’re wondering whether you can ever do enough to earn God’s love, today is the day for you to admit you can’t. The good news is that you don’t have to earn it. Once we admit we can’t earn God’s love, we respond by accepting his love based on what Jesus did. We can stop wondering and start trusting. If you’d like to have a conversation about responding to God’s love, email us at

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