Beyond the Weekend

September 18 | Mercy and Movement

September 18, 2014

Text: 1 Peter 1.6-9

Peter tells us, “There is wonderful joy ahead, even though the going is rough for a while…these trials are only to test your faith…”(1 Peter 1.6-7 TLB). Our Lord can bring positive spiritual movement in our lives from some pretty wretched situations. This past weekend, Pastor Manion encouraged us to think beyond what we see as the silence of God to what he’s doing in our life that we can’t see right now.

God lets us endure pain because he has a plan—he wants us to learn and grow through the pain as we await his mercy. As we trust him we can say, “Here I am what’s left of me, where Glory meets my suffering, I’m alive” (MercyMe, “The Hurt and the Healer”).

Listen to the song “The Hurt and the Healer,” by MercyMe. As you welcome God into your day, reflect on how he has grown you through the pain in your life.


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