Beyond the Weekend

January 22 | Challenges

January 22, 2015

Text: Ephesians 4.2

Helping each other become like the Christ, in the relational environment of a small group, will be difficult. Those in our group will present challenges in the same way we present challenges to them. As Pastor Jeff Manion said, “People are annoying.”

Perhaps this is why Paul, in writing to Jesus-followers in Ephesians 4.2, reminded them of four important interpersonal characteristics: humility (seeing ourselves as we really are), gentleness (self-control), patient (long-tempered), and forebearing love (continuous and unconditional).

All four of these Spirit-empowered characteristics will be necessary as God uses each of us in our movement to be like the Christ.

Jan 22(1)

As you open your hands and welcome Jesus into your day, remind yourself of these characteristics by listening to Matt Maher’s “Hold Us Together.” When you pray, offer again to God your gifts, talents, and abilities as he uses you in the lives of those in your circles.

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