Beyond the Weekend

January 26 | One Anothers

January 26, 2015

Text: John 13.34-35

“The Circle,” a smaller community of Christians with the goal of helping each other become like the Christ, is what we at Ada Bible Church call “small groups.” By loving, serving, accepting, and instructing each other, the members of a small group help move one another toward Christ-likeness.

Because Jesus and his disciples taught very specifically what it means to live a one another-focused life, we don’t have to guess. There are 59 “one another” verses in the New Testament teachings. All fall under the central theme of loving each other to be “like the Christ.”

Today, as you welcome Jesus into your day, read John 13.34-35 and then look at the 59 “one another” verses in light of yourself and your small group.

The One Big Question to discuss with your circle is . . . How well does your small group (or other circle) do the “one anothers,” and what does your group need to work on?

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