Beyond the Weekend

October 2 | Walk

October 2, 2015

Text: Ephesians 5.1-2

Our “walk” as Jesus followers, how we’re to live our lives, is a big deal to the Apostle Paul in Ephesians: in line with our calling as believers (4.1), different from the world (4.17), in the light (5.8) and in wisdom (5.15). This daily “walk,” as we read today, is to be characterized by love.

To do this, we’re given specific instruction: “follow God’s example.” That’s it—just do what God does. If we’re wondering what that looks like, go back a few verses to the beginning of this paragraph at Ephesians 4.29-32. Here Paul gives us a good place to start: watch your speech, don’t destroy unity, get rid of bitterness, rage, and anger, and be kind (among others). All of these are ways we can “walk in the way of love” as we live for Christ.

As believers—those who’ve experienced the new birth Jesus offers—we’re obligated to imitate (or mimic) God’s characteristics. For those who’ve not yet believed, remember these words from last weekend: “I bring nothing. He brought everything. I owe everything.”

Today, if you’re a believer, identify one area where your “talk” didn’t match your “walk” and claim God’s forgiveness and the strength of his Spirit as you move forward, committed again to following God’s example. Or, if you’ve recently started your relationship with Jesus and would like to know more, let us know at

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