Beyond the Weekend

August 23 | Matters of the Heart

August 23, 2016

Proverbs 4.23
What we most deeply desire may, in fact, be the best indicator of where we are spiritually and the condition of our heart. If what we desire most belongs to someone else, this is a warning that something’s wrong spiritually and needs to be addressed. In this area of coveting, we need to “guard our heart.”

Guarding our heart is defensive in nature and involves protection—protecting our hearts against the enemy of covetousness. The first step is recognizing the battle.

Often, the battle has started and we’re not even aware. We leave a dinner party thinking, “How did they get that house?” While outwardly congratulating them on their new job, we inwardly think, “Why can’t I get a job like that?” Seeing the Instagram photo of their vacation and thinking, “That should be me. I’ve earned it.” It’s theirs, but we think it should be ours.

The battle’s been engaged.

A regular part of our Chair time should involve asking the question, “How’s my heart?” By asking the question, we begin to put up a line of defense and don’t allow the Enemy to exploit a potential weakness. Today, begin the daily habit of asking yourself this question. Take the time necessary to hear from God, answer it truthfully and use your answer to guard your heart.

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