Beyond the Weekend

September 28 | Worship

September 28, 2016

Colossians 1.28

In the ancient world, if you asked someone what motivated them to worship, they would tell you because they had to not because they get to. With this in mind, Paul coaches the Colossians to reevaluate their view of worship and Creator God. This raised questions, “How does one honor Jesus?” And, “What gifts do we present to him?”

There are many ways to worship God. We can attend a Christian concert, raising our hands in adoration and thanksgiving for God’s goodness, or we can find a path weaving its way through beautiful woods to quietly reflect on the goodness of God in solitude. In today’s passage, Paul invites the Colossians to embrace using their gifts as an opportunity to worship.

For instance, the guy who crawls out of bed at 5:30 on a cold morning to lead a Bible study at his office. It’s not his duty, it’s an act of worship. The same is true for the woman who attends the worship service on Saturday only to return Sunday morning to serve in DV, the children’s ministry. She does this not out of duty, it’s an act of worship.

Today, in your The New You journal (click here for a PDF version) write down the names of the people you’re helping to grow. Take a moment to reflect on the ways you’re walking with them and the intentional steps you’re encouraging them to take toward Jesus.

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