Beyond the Weekend

September 27 | Commission

September 27, 2016

Colossians 1.25
Coaching the Colossians to embrace the role of suffering to grow a strong faith, Paul desires for them to embrace opportunities to suffer through serving. Rather than tell the Colossians what they should do, Paul—as any good teacher would do—shows them what to do.

Stewarding his gifts, talents, and resources regardless of his circumstances, Paul experienced his fair share of hardship and suffering. He proclaimed the gospel in the face of jail time, was shipwrecked, fled for his life, was hungry and cold, and experienced countless sleepless nights. He was able to endure all this because he was certain God had customized a plan for his life.

God has customized a plan for your life. He has given you gifts, talents, and resources to serve and build his church. Sometimes, we serve in ways that bring us great joy and fulfillment. Other times, we’ll find ourselves serving in ways that don’t come naturally and seem like hard work. For Paul, he saw great value in both. We can accept this reality when we serve, convinced we’re on a God-given mission.

To discover how God has commissioned you to use your gifts, talents, and resources to build his church, explore opportunities to serve at Ada Bible Church here.

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