Beyond the Weekend

October 4 | Colossian and American Blenders

October 4, 2016

Colossians 2. 8, 16-23

New Christians in Colossae were unintentionally threatening the core of their faith by blending in former practices and beliefs to Christ’s message and purpose in their lives. Things that eroded their faith in Christ and stunted their growth like: dietary restrictions, lunar festivals, angel worship, tradition based rules, and elemental forces of this world (earth, wind, fire, water).

But our faith is similarly at risk from blending in things that don’t belong in the central message of Christ. For us, it may be lifestyle things that unintentionally creep in like patriotism, materialism, and self-centeredness.

The message of the cross isn’t draped in the American flag, nor a certain political party. I don’t believe in Jesus to get me where I’m going, but to get me where he’s going. Blending ideologies and rules into our faith that don’t belong there may appear wise, but have nothing substantive to grow us closer to God.

Today as you meet with God, use this prayer as a starting point for God to reveal areas of your life that you’ve added to the gospel: Father, help me see areas of my faith that are merely rules, regulations, and judgments from people and culture. Show me those areas that impair my Christian growth and affect my behaviors. Help me center my faith in what Christ has said and done.

Write what God shows you in your The New You journal (click here for a PDF version).

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