Beyond the Weekend

August 16 | Habit of Trust

August 16, 2018


For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. From birth I have relied on you… Psalm 71:5-6a

Read: Psalm 71:5-8

Listen: Psalm 71


Trust isn’t something we can turn on like a light switch. As Senior Pastor Jeff Manion reminds us in the video clip below, real trust—trust in God—is developed over a lifetime. It’s what David learned as he tells us that God was his hope, confidence and teacher as far back as he could remember (Psalm 71:5-6 and 71:17). David was able to navigate through massive challenges in his later years because he had learned to trust God as a child and young man. God’s deliverance from the lion, bear, Goliath and King Saul set the stage for how David would deal with the massive upheaval in his senior years.

In many ways, trust is a “muscle” that we need to work. What we do when we’re younger, and things go wrong, prepares us for when we’re older and things go wrong. What if God uses the job you didn’t get at 19 to prepare you for when you’re downsized at 59? The ACL tear at 23 for the hip replacement at 67? The financial struggles in your 20s for business challenges in your 50s? Early trust helps you prepare for later trust. The challenges we encounter as we grow help us work out our trust muscle. God never wastes anything.


In your journal, write down the one thing in your life where you’re most struggling with trust in God. Write something like, “Today I am struggling to trust God with _____________________. In my mind, I know he can handle it—but I’m having trouble letting it go.” Then, with open hands to symbolize letting go, give it (again) to God as you renew your trust in him.

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