Beyond the Weekend

February 26 | A Desire to be Known

February 26, 2019


The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.  Genesis 2:15

Read: Genesis 2:4–25

Listen: Genesis 2


Spiritual drift is so dangerous because we drift away from our God who wants to be known. That’s why God takes the sins of Ahab so seriously. God didn’t merely create the world and leave it. He wants to have a relationship with the people he created—and with the people of Israel. The famous characters from the Bible stories you hear as kids (Noah, Abraham, Moses and David) are people God establishes a relationship with so he can be known. They are people intended to start a movement through which others know God. Likewise, Jesus comes to earth so people can know God.

God created a beautiful world for us to enjoy that should point us to him. It screams design and a designer to us. God didn’t create because he was lonely or bored. He created because he desired to share himself with a being (people) that would seek after him and comprehend him. There is something in the heart of God that desires to be known. The danger is that as we drift from God, we drift from the very thing we were created to do—to have a relationship with him.


Say a prayer of thanks to God for his desire to be known. Thank him for wanting to know you and sending Jesus to die on the cross so you could know him. Ask him to help you want to know him more.

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