Beyond the Weekend

September 7 | Transformational Identity

September 7, 2015

Text: Matthew 4.18-22

Calling Simon Peter and Andrew to follow him, Jesus radically interrupts their lives. Until his call their identities were centered in the rough and physical life of commercial fishermen. But Jesus’ call is so powerful and compelling, they’re willing to leave their old way of life to follow him and acquire a new transformational identity.

They aren’t the only ones in the New Testament to have radically changed identities. John, Philip, Bartholomew, Barnabus, Stephen, and Timothy are among the many who are changed and start exhibiting  behaviors—centered in Christ—that are new and different from their old way of living.

As Dr. Joe Stowell said this past weekend, “Once we come to the cross, repent of our sin, and accept the gift of salvation, the next step is to embrace the new transformational identity Jesus gives us.” The word “transformational” means we’re changed into something new that keeps on changing to make us become more and more like Jesus (Philippians 1.6).

How we live is proportional to who we believe we are and influences the way we think, act, and speak. As you begin this week, think about this week’s One Big Question:  How is your daily life affected by who you think you are? If you haven’t seen this “transformational” change as a Jesus follower, ask God to show you if your identity lies in Jesus or something else. Talk with your small group leader or someone you trust to help identify changes you may need to make.

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